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Black Bamboo
  • Black Bamboo has quickly become some of the most sought after and hard to locate species currently in collection.
  • There are two clumping species of Black Bamboo each with its own unique color and form.
  • Black bamboo comes from tropical areas like the island of Timor and are quite sensitive to the cold.
  • Consider keeping this one in a pot if temperatures periodically dip below 30F.
  • We currently only offer G. Atroviolacea, as we have found it to grow stronger, faster and to be slightly more cold tolerant than the Black Lako.


G Atroviolacea Tropical Black Bamboo Plants

Out Of Stock
Bambusa Lako Timor Bamboo
Bambusa Lako Timor Black Bamboo Plants
high nitrogen bamboo fertilizer
12 Month Fully Coated Best Quality Slow Release 13-3-13 High Nitrogen Fertilizer Perfect for Bamboo and Palms

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