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Clumping Bamboo Explained

Clumping Bamboo's roots are localized and will not spread deeper than a couple of feet, the roots go no further than the base of the clump."Clumping Bamboo" is completely non invasive and quite different from its  "Running Bamboo" cousin.Don't be confused, these bamboo will not spread all over the yard. They will quickly provide you with tropical beauty, and the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something good for the Earth.

Bamboo converts carbon dioxide (CO2) to oxygen 5 times more efficiently than a stand of traditional woody trees. Bamboo is quickly gaining popularity as one of the worlds fastest growing wood producing plants, and provides us with sustainable and renewable sources of timber, pulp, and fiber.

So plant some clumping bamboo in your yard. It comes in all shapes, colors and sizes and has so many applications, especially for us lucky Floridians! Help introduce this valuable, sustainable, green, natural resource into your community. Make yourself the talk of the neighborhood with these beautiful specimen bamboos.

 These are well behaved Non-Invasive species selected for their beauty, form, and colorful wood and foliage. Each cultivar is named, described and documented by the American Bamboo Society. Maximum size assumes ideal conditions at maturity.

Most clumping bamboo can be successfully grown in pots. Growing bamboo in the landscape is easy. Growing bamboo in a pot will require a bit more attention, this goes double if you are planning on growing them indoors.

Most clumping bamboo takes 2-3 years to reach maturity. Until that time the bamboo will not be nearly as impressive . For the first year or so you will see immature canes emerge but only grow to 10' or so, giving the plant a very bushy look. Then lookout! The bamboo will begin to send up larger, thicker, straighter & taller shoots and more and more throughout the year, until you have a beautiful clump of bamboo. Any old, bushy, mis formed or out of place canes can be removed and your beautiful mature clump of bamboo is born. Just remove whatever canes, old or new that you do not want and Enjoy.

Clumping Bamboo Facts:
·         Also known as monopodial or tropical bamboo
·         Completely non-invasive, these bamboo stay where you put them and the clumps can be easily shaped and controlled
·         Clumpers are a smaller group of bamboo compared to their running cousin, and are often associated with tropical and subtropical climates
·         Although there are some cold hearty clumpers, as a rule clumpers are less cold tolerant than runners, and are better suited for hot tropical to semi tropical weather
·         Rhizomes do not run in clumping bamboo. Instead they form a tightly packed clump and new shoots emerge from within the clump
·         Clumping bamboo will send up a densely packed group of new shoots throughout the spring and summer, and will never shoot more than a few inches away from its mother cane, eventually forming a thick well behaved clump.
·         Clumping bamboo can be kept successfully in a pot or planter
·         Clumpers generally have high light requirements and as a rule do better outdoors
·         No containment strategy or rhizome barrier is needed when using clumping bamboo


Bambusa Chungii Clumping Bamboo 3 Gallon Plants
Multiplex Silverstripe Clumping Bamboo Plants
G Atroviolacea Tropical Black Bamboo Plants

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Willowy Bamboo Splash Bamboo
Bambusa Multiplex Hedge 3 gallon plants
Gracilis Great
Bambusa Textilis Gracilis Graceful Bamboo Plants
Oldhamii Nice Clump
Bambusa Oldhamii Giant Timber Bamboo Plants
Dendrocalamus Minor Amoenus Angel Mist Bamboo Plants
Bambusa Vulgaris Wamin Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo Plants

Out Of Stock
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