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A New Bamboo Has Been Added To Bamboo Plants Online - Multiplex Hedge

This is the perfect time of year to get your start with bamboo and see what it becomes when the new spring season begins. In fact, some bamboo varieties are simply easy to maintain for anyone with a little extra time. At the Bamboo Plants Online farm, we have just added Multiplex Hedge Bamboo to our list of available products. Growing these bamboo have been a pleasure to us, and now we want to share these easy and versatile bamboo plants with everyone we can.

Multiplex Hedge Bamboo For Sale

BAMBOO_HEDGEMultiplex Hedge Bamboo is amazingly easy for anyone to keep and care for. It makes an excellent potted or container plant, and can thrive under a wide array of conditions. They are the grower's pick for anyone who is just wanting to try bamboo out for the very first time and for experienced caretakers who are looking for a flexible centerpiece project. This wildly versatile bamboo is a fast grower that thrives beautifully.

Like all bamboos, Multiplex Hedge requires well drained soil, a high nitrogen fertilizer and plenty of water in order to reach its full growing potential. However, it is hardy down to the upper teens and loves full sun exposure.

Find Out More About Multiplex Hedge Bamboo

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