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Bamboo Care

With the proper nutrition our 3 gallon starters will grow to full maturity within 3-5 years (depending on variety) Here is how we do it:

  • Fast growing bamboo is hungry and will use lots of high Nitrogen fertilizer. It is important to use a quality high Nitrogen controlled release fertilizer as bamboo requires steady nutrition. Our 13-5-11 Bamboo Fertilizer only need one application per year and is by far the highest quality controlled release fertilizer available anywhere.
  • Sandy soils do not hold much water or nutrition. Its important to use some organic inputs to hold moisture and nutrition in the root zone. Recharge is the most complete organic soil package we have found and when combined with our 13-5-11 Bamboo Fertilizer it makes bamboo root and shoot like crazy!
  • Bamboo uses Silica more than most any other plant. This inexpensive component is a bamboo growers secret to spectacular looking foliage and shoots and strong, disease resistant growth. 

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