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How To Grow Green Onion Bamboo – What You Need To Know

Clumping bamboo has become one of the most popular bamboo varieties for both indoor and outdoor growing. In fact, bamboo can be used for a variety of landscaping and home décor projects. However, not all running bamboo varieties are bad. There is one in particular that is a rare specimen among its species – Green Onion Bamboo.


green onion bamboo


Green Onion Bamboo is not only a running bamboo, but it is also capable of thriving both indoors and out. In addition to this, it is also able to thrive with minimal light requirements. So, what do you need to know in order to grow Green Onion?


What You Need To Know About Green Onion Bamboo


Green Onion Bamboo is a highly attractive bamboo plant, featuring internodes that resemble the shape of a green onion or a string of beads. Its botanical name is Pseudosasa Japonica Tsutsumiana. The maximum height that this bamboo grows is 18 feet under optimal conditions green onion bambooand on average stays around 8 to 10 feet tall, with the maximum diameter of the culm being of around 3/4”.

Green Onion Bamboo has minimum light requirements, which makes it a perfect indoor specimen. It is also a very durable and adaptable plant, which can be grown in ground or in pots. This specimen does great in full sun to partial shade. If kept indoors, it needs a minimum of 2 hours sunlight daily. However, even if grown in pots indoors, it is a good idea to remember that bamboo plants need to be given occasional fresh air and sun light. Therefore, you need to either provide it with fresh air by moving it onto a patio or by placing it near a large open window.

Green Onion Bamboo is a running bamboo, but unlike typical running bamboo plants, it has an un-aggressive nature, which makes it a wonderful choice for growing in pots and containers.


Caring for Green Onion Bamboo Indoors

If you decide to grow your Green Onion Bamboo indoors, then this is pretty easy to accomplish and manage. Aside from providing it with plenty of water and light, you also need to clip off any possible dead leaves and culms. For nutrition, we recommend that you use a slow release granular fertilizer for feeding your plant(s) annually. Additionally, you can also use silica, which is a wonderful provider of nutritional elements needed for the bamboo’s growth and health. You may be tempted to clean any dropped leaves away from the plants’ base, however, they should be left as they provide a natural layer of mulch and insulation, as well an excellent source of silica.


 green onion bamboo

Growing Green Onion Bamboo Outdoors

Green Onion Bamboo does great in ground. Although it is a running bamboo species, it is not as invasive as other types, so with minimum care, you can ensure a wonderful growing experience with this bamboo plant. Its resistant and adaptable nature makes it a great choice for growing outdoors and in-ground. This species is cold tolerant, and can survive a minimum temperature of 0° Fahrenheit.

While Green Onion is a very well-behaved and non-invasive running bamboo, you should keep an eye on its growth in order to ensure that it doesn’t spread beyond your designated area. Shoots that appear outside your preferred growing area should be dug up and replanted in a different space. Thanks to its adaptability, hardiness and thick foliage, this bamboo plant makes a wonderful choice for living fences.


Special Advice For Keeping Healthy Green Onion Bamboo Indoors

If you have ever wondered how businesses and professionals keep excellent, healthy indoor bamboo that always looks perfect, then you may be surprised to find out that they are actually pulling the old ‘switch ‘a’ roo’. What many indoor bamboo growers do is keep 2 potted bamboo plants and continually rotate them indoors and outdoors. By constantly rotating one potted bamboo plant outdoors, they can ensure that it is always provided with ample sunlight and fresh air in order to look its best. This consistent rotation ensures that both bamboo plants thrive, so that you can enjoy their beauty indoors all the time.

There are hundreds of Bamboo species, some of which are better indoors, while others do better outdoors. However, Green Onion Bamboo is one of the most versatile varieties that can successfully be grown both indoors and out, even for beginners.


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