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How to use Bamboo to Create an Asian Landscape Design

When it comes to creating the perfect landscape design for your garden, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the numerous options available. However, for an amazing landscape design that offers beauty, relaxation and complete privacy, then an Asian inspired garden design using bamboo is the perfect choice.

Asian Themed Garden Bamboo

Asian-inspired garden designs often include a variety of ornamental grasses, evergreens and key design features. One of the biggest key features being the creation of flowing paths, walkways and ornamental centerpieces. Another key feature is the use of bamboo, which is well-known for its Asian provenience. In this article we will be focusing on how to use bamboo plants to create an Asian landscape design.


Choosing Non-Invasive Bamboo

There are two main types of bamboos:

  • Running – which is an invasive type that often sends up new shoots well away from the original plant.
  • Clumping – which is non-invasive and grows in circular clumps, with new shoots appearing in close proximity to the original plant.

When including bamboo plants in your landscaping design, it is highly recommended to use clumping bamboo varieties. This is because it can often be quite expensive and labor intensive to install and maintain the barriers required to prevent running bamboo from invading and taking over your garden.

Due to the symmetrical growth pattern of clumping bamboo, you don’t have to worry that it will take over your landscape. Clumping bamboo will always stay exactly where you put it. With over 1,400 varieties of bamboo to choose from, you can easily find clumping bamboo varieties to fit your needs. In addition, clumping bamboo is the easiest to grow and maintain as it only requires minimal maintenance.


Using Bamboo for Your Asian Landscape Design

While Asian inspired gardens consist of a variety of elements, we are going to focus specifically on bamboo and how it can be incorporated to create the garden of your dreams.

  • Create a Space

The first step in creating an Asian inspired landscape design is defining the area where your garden will be. Clumping bamboo is an excellent choice for defining an area as it can be used to create all-natural, green privacy screens and hedges. While different bamboo varieties reach different heights, they are great for screening, shade and channeling cool breezes. In effect, creating your own private oasis.


bamboo privacy screen


  • Make an Entrance

There are many ways that bamboo plants can be used to create a beautiful and clearly defined entry point for your garden. This can be as simple as planting bamboo plants on either side of a walkway, or as complex as creating a flowing path lined with bamboo that creates a shaded canopy.

bamboo landscape
  • Grow Evergreens

One of the key elements of Asian landscape is evergreens. Bamboo is typically an evergreen plant, so this is a good reason for you to consider adding it to your project.

  • Create a Private Pavilion

Asian gardens often feature pavilions or other enclosed, intimate relaxing spaces. One option is to create a pavilion using bamboo canes or wood, so that it contributes to the serene and natural landscape. However, for an inexpensive and easy to maintain option, you can add additional privacy by creating an enclosed enclave using a bamboo privacy screen.

  • Adding Some Textural Contrast to Your Garden

There are various bamboo species that you can use for your landscape. Every species comes with its own features, textures and colors. You can use your creativity to combine multiple bamboo species, so that you obtain different textures, colors and ornamental for your garden.

  • Bamboo Everywhere

In Asian gardens, bamboo has various uses. It can be used as an ornamental plant, as well as a great structural component. From ornamental bamboo centerpieces to privacy screening, bamboo plants are used extensively in Asian inspired themes.

bamboo plants path

Inspiration and Creativity

These are only a few key ideas you can use to create an amazing Asian landscape design featuring bamboo plants. Your options are really only limited by your creativity and personal inspiration.


photo credit: Rose Garden via photopin (license)

photo credit: Bamboo curtain // Rideau de bambous via photopin (license)

photo credit: Garden Door via photopin (license) 

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