Bamboo Hedges

One of the most practical uses of bamboo is as a hedge or privacy wall. Aside from looking better than plastic, metal or wood fences, a natural bamboo hedge is stronger, more durable and provides much better privacy. Here in Florida we get hurricanes and even a strong tropical storm can tear apart any traditional style fence. Repairs can become costly and labor intensive. I have found that planting tropical and subtropical clumping bamboo along an existing fence line or in place of a fence altogether is a cost effective way to secure your property line and shield existing fence from high wind damage. Bamboo establishes itself quickly in the ground and is easy to prune and shape into any size hedge from 3'-40' depending on how you trim.

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“My bamboo has only been in the ground less than two months. I was so excited to see the 8 foot bamboo cane grow! The plant took a while to establish itself, but when it finally did grew!”

Mark Schoenholtz

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