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Nursery Information

Bamboo Plants Online is a 20 acre Palm & Bamboo nursery located in South West Florida about 30 minutes East of Fort Myers outside of the small farming town of LaBelle.

We sell both potted and field dug Palms & bamboos in a variety of sizes and colors. We do offer a large inventory of 1 & 3 gallon bamboo, which are available to purchase through our online store, and can be very reasonably and successfully shipped throughout the country via UPS.

Bamboo Plants Online wants to show you the beauty and splendor of these amazing plants. Our goal is  to offer our visitors an uncomplicated approach to learning about and selecting the right Palms & Tropical Clumping Bamboo for your landscape. We are glad to answer any questions you may have by email or phone. We aim to provide you with all the information you need to successfully select, install, grow and care for your bamboo clump. Our Unique plants are shipped to you direct from the grower.


"We are a commercial nursery and differ considerably from “backyard growers”  Our 20 acre nursery is State certified and we are licensed to ship plants to 46 states."

We put the best quality materials in to get the highest quality product out. There are no shortcuts in growing the Worlds best quality palms and tropical clumping bamboos!  It starts with the Potting Mix. Our Proprietary blend has been developed with 25 years of experience, that’s a lot of trial and error. What we came up with is a very high tech organic mix that will not prematurely break down and has the perfect moisture holding and release qualities for the small plants we specialize in.  


"We use only the highest quality, environmentally friendly fertilizers and soil amendments"

We use very expensive slow release polymer coated fertilizers to ensure a slow even release of nutrients to the plant. These fertilizers cost more than double what a cheap fertilizer costs. A cheap fertilizer has no coating so when it comes in contact with water it releases its nutrients. The problem is the more water, the more nutrients are released. A hard rainstorm can release more nutrient than necessary and cause burn, washout and unsafe runoff. It is also environmentally irresponsible to allow fertilizer runoff, because those chemicals trickle into the watershed end up in your drinking water. Delivering the proper amount of usable nutrients to the plant when the plant needs it should be the goal of all responsible growers.  We go organic and use safe, high end organic Fungicides and rooting compounds.

We use Zeba super absorbent soil amendment, an organic product made from corn, which buffers our soil from fluctuations in moisture, and assures you delivery of a fresh, healthy plant.

"There are over 1200 different species of Bamboo that have been discovered to date.  chooses to specialize in what we call  "Florida Landscape Bamboo". Essentially these are the top 20 or so most practical and beautiful bamboos for Florida landscapes. Most have been chosen for their ornate colorful wood and tight, straight  clumping patterns. We know you want to enjoy the beauty and benefits of bamboo without it taking over your yard. Our bamboos have been thoughtfully selected to fit into all types of home-sites both large and small." - Scott Freedman

You may have never seen Bamboos like the varieties in our collection. These are not typical varieties and are in most cases, relatively new to the United States.  The truth be told, most of the original varieties of bamboo available in the U.S. were terrible. Unruly open clumpers and invasive, uncontrolled runners have given bamboo a bad reputation. Recently with the opening of trade with China and the far east, botanists have been collecting, quarantining then cultivating some of the best tropical clumping  varieties, right here in Florida. These high grade cultivars were naturally selected due to their unique forms, colors and outstanding beauty.

I have, for many years, been collecting the best Bamboo species available. I am very proud of my bamboo collection and feel that it has grown to a size where I am ready to share. I hope to share with the ebay community the unique, simple elegance and beauty that is Bamboo. Yes we offer a great selection of  tight & straight, and  decorative & unique clumping bamboos,  perfect for 1/4 acre and zero lot line home-sites   We are the exclusive producers of true root and cane pruned Bonsai Bamboo.


Buying Bamboo From a Nursery vs. Buying Mail Order

I am a huge fan of the local nursery and I urge you to support them whenever possible. There are certain pros and cons when buying mail order vs. at a retail nursery. Here are a few things to consider:

Warning: Unfortunately most nurseries don't know much about bamboo. It is very easy to get bad information and mislabeled species. Only buy bamboo from a nursery that really takes it seriously. You will see many nurseries with a few shabby pieces of bamboo that have been there forever because they are not watered properly. A nursery should have its bamboo on drip irrigation as sprinklers do not wet enough. The bamboo should look lush, green and healthy at the nursery.

Here are the nurseries that sell my Bamboo and do it right:

  • Riverland Nursery - Ft. Myers -239-693-5555
  • Orlando's Finest Palms- Kissimmee 1-407-552-4801


Nursery vs. Mail Order Delivery Pros & Cons

  • You will get a larger (untrimmed) plant at one of our retail locations, then shipped. This is true on most occasions, the largest box we can squeeze and bend a bamboo into is 45". Our retail locations sell our 3 gallon Silverstripes @ 7' tall!
  • You will pay more at a retail location. Nothing is for free, and high quality service is becoming more and more valuable these days. I have no problem paying a little more at my local nursery as I get to touch and feel and ask before I buy. Don't forget the money you saved by not having to pay for shipping.
  • You will get the same expert advice whether you buy from our Retail locations or on line. The retail locations have all the information to help you make an informed decision and may provide valuable local insight on soil and climate. I am personally available to answer any questions.

The choice is up to you, When you plant bamboo we all win!


'Yes, we offer timber and hedge bamboos for privacy, screening and windbreaks of all sizes from 4'-60'+ tall."

Contact Scott Freedman At:

23370 Dixie Rd. SW

Labelle, FL 33935


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