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Uses for Bamboo

Bamboo is new in the landscape and it is important to get the facts straight.

Here are some things to consider about Clumping Bamboo

  • Clumping Bamboo is not invasive.
  • There are two main types of Bamboo Clumping & Running. We Sell Both Clumping & Running Bamboo. 
  • Running Bamboo can be invasive and should be cantained to pots or with a rizome barrier.
  • Clumping Bamboo from Green Thumb Palms will send up shoots in a clumping pattern similar to an areca palm.
  • The clump will grow from the center outward, producing new canes throughout the year. The clumps can be easily shaped by cutting off unwanted shoots, when they are young, with a sharp shovel or spade.
  • Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and should reach its mature specifications in only 3 to 5 years!  This is why bamboo is so often purchased small and "grown in"  
  • Reduce your carbon footprint- Bamboos  process and convert  carbon dioxide to oxygen at 5 times the rate of a similar sized stand of traditional trees. They are proving to be important and useful plants for reforestation projects around th world. Bamboos rapid growth rate and regenerative characteristics favor sustainability. It is used for food, clothing, shelter, papermaking, construction, scaffolding and much more. It is truely an amazing grass.  
  • Yes, Bamboo is a Grass- Which explains why it grows so fast. Anyone who has cared for a lawn during summer in Florida can attest to how fast grass can grow. Expect to see new shoots emerge and noticebly grow taller daily.
  • There are over 1200 different species of Bamboo that have been discovered to date. greenthumbpalms chooses to specialize in what we call  "Florida Landscape Bamboo". Essentially these are the top 10 or so most practical and beautiful bamboos for Florida landscapes. Most have been chosen for their ornate colorful wood and tight, straight clumping patterns


We know you want to enjoy the beauty and benefits of bamboo without it taking over your yard. Our bamboos have been thougtfully selected to fit into all types of homesites both large and small. 

Bamboo for Landscapes

With so many types of bamboo to choose from, choosing the right variety for your specific landscape aplication may seem overwelming. It certainly is not. Selecting the right bamboo for the landscape is simple. Follow these 2 simple guidelines for success:

1. Know your hardiness zone. Many ornate bamboo is tropical in nature and does not like freezing temps. Make sure the bamboo species can hold up to typical winter lows in your area. Many Tropical clumping bamboo species are quite cold hearty into the 20s and are able to withstand deep freezes into Alabama and Missisippi & south Carolina. All bamboo species are displayed with their minimum temperature.

2. Size matters. Bamboo comes in clump sizes from 8' to 50' with clump diameter from a few canes to a 12' diameter clump. Read the product descriptions carefully and choose a variety that is realistic to your size requirements. Remember ALL bamboo can be topped anually to controll its height. A bamboo cane only needs to be cut onceat its desired height, and it will grow no more. Thinning out new shoots to limit the vigor of the clump is another technique used to use large bamboo in smaller landscape setting.

Bamboo Plants Online is committed to promoting and sharing the diverse benefits of incorporating Tropical Bamboo into your life. 

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