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Bamboo Special 13-5-11 High Nitrogen Slow Release Fertilizer

Bamboo Plants Online

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RealGrowers World Class Bamboo & Palm Grower's Formula

A Top quality, 12 month slow release fertilizer that provides the correct NPK Ratio for fast growing bamboo. Apply as directed once per year to provide the major building blocks of nutrition needed for healthy, vigorous growth.

The 13-5-11 Bamboo Special provides the Steak and Potatoes major building blocks of nutrition for your bamboo plant to thrive. For best results add Recharge Natural Soil Conditioner to keep the Bamboo Special fertilizer from washing past the root zone. The combination of Recharge and Slow release High Nitrogen Fertilizer, make the ultimate combination of bamboo nutrition. 


13-5-11 Bamboo Special

12 Month Slow Release Bamboo Fertilizer

This 12 month coated slow release fertilizer represents the latest in plant nutrition technology. Our top-of-the-line premium, brand name fertilizer excels when compared to over-the-counter products at Home Depot, such as Dynamite and Oomycote. The best part is that our high quality, high nitrogen slow release bamboo fertilizer costs less than what you’ll find at most stores.

If you want to use the same bamboo fertilizer that the professionals are growing with, then you need the 13-5-11 Bamboo Special. This is a true professional grade 360 day controlled release “Florida Friendly” fertilizer. Bamboo Special fertilizer is coated and designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Its 12-month slow release formula means that you only need to apply it annually, and your plants are thriving year round. The fact that it is Florida Friendly also means that this fertilizer is designed to stay with the plants and avoid becoming a problem of the local water pool.

Each batch of fertilizer is made according to the highest specs and standards, and it is the exact same formula that we use at the BambooPlantsOnline farm on all of our potted and field grown palms and bamboo. We use only a high nitrogen, controlled release fertilizer that is completely safe for anyone and everyone to use. It does not matter one bit how much it rains or is watered down, this fertilizer’s characteristics stay exactly the same, and the plants receive a continuous diet of steady nutrition all year long.


Usage Recommendations

Our 13-5-11 Bamboo Special fertilizer costs more than a standard 60 day Big Box Depot fertilizer 

Here's why:


  • This is a premium 12 Month Slow Release coated Nutricote fertilizer that is our specific blend:
    • Most Big Box/ cheaper fertilizers are uncoated, so they quickly break down and release all their nutrients at the first rain, so most of it quickly washes away
    • Our 13-5-11 Bamboo Special Nutricote coated fertilizers are designed to release a specific daily amount of nutrition no matter how much it rains.
    • This keeps the fertilizer in the root zone and out of our watershed!


  • A 1 gallon potted bamboo would require:
    • 3 tablespoons (45 grams) per year for indoor/ lower light/ slower growth
    • Up to 6 tablespoons (90 grams) per year if stepped up to a 3 gallon container and desire aggressive growth
  • A 3 gallon potted bamboo would require:
    • 5 tablespoons (75 grams) per year for indoor/ lower light
    • Up to 12 tablespoons (180 grams) per year if stepped up to a 7 gallon container indoors/ lower light
  • In Ground/ Aggressive Growth Rate: (Fastest growth requires lots of food and lots of water)
    • Up to 1 lbs per year (1x 16oz Red plastic cup) for a 1 or 3 gallon bamboo that is installed in the ground.

We purchase fertilizer in bulk and have it specially blended to perfection. The Bamboo Special is the only fertilizer that we’ll ever use on our nursery grown plants, and we want to share it with you!


For any questions, contact Scott at Bamboo Plants Online at 888-784-7336!


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