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Giant Timber Bamboo | Bambusa Oldhamii

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Botanical Name:  Bambusa Oldhamii

Common Name:  Giant Timber Bamboo Plants

Maximum Height:  40-65'

Culm diameter:  4"

Minimum Temperature:  15-20F

Light:  Full Sun

Hardiness: 21F

*Please respect the minimum temperatures. If the temps dip below the minimum temps for just a few hours the bamboo will suffer severe damage. Most importantly, it will stunt the bamboos long term growth! PLEASE order the right bamboo for your climate. Do it right the first time and you'll love the results! 

This is a super cool, tall, straight timber bamboo that grows classic, huge, 50' bamboo poles 4"-6" in diameter. It's tall but very straight and works well as a single specimen planting or spread 5'-6' apart to make a beautiful green screen. The culms are straight and erect with relatively short branches forming fairly open clumps. Culm walls are thick, but soft.  This is the famous Oldhamii timber bamboo used throughout Walt Disney World. Oldhamii produces tall and very straight timber in a tight clumping pattern. It is truly a well behaved giant. This is a very easy plant to grow which requires little attention once rooted. Commonly used for large privacy hedges and windbreaks on large properties.

 The earlier in the season you can plant your bamboo the better. Bamboo shoots from late Spring-Fall. It grows its roots in the Winter and into Spring, so if you buy a plant after August, don't expect to see new shoots til  April-November, when you can expect a 6'-8' plant with 6-12 shoots your first Summer, 12'-18' second summer and 30'+ third summer. This Bamboo will mature to 55' after 3-5 years and  7' diameter.Growth and survival depends on feeding and watering the bamboo.

 They are fast growers and hungry (need steady diet of natural or chemical fertilizer) and thirsty (water, at least for the 1st year). All you need to do is feed and water these starts and they will grow into big mature clumps within 3-5 years. 

The size of the plants vary from time of year. In Spring they are somewhat fresh and ultra viable re rooted divisions which, if planted before June, will shoot up to 6 shoots that year. As they grow into summer it doesn't take long til they are outgrowing their 3 gallon pots, it grows that fast!  

My Goal is to provide you with a viable, inexpensive and shipable way to grow the amazing species of bamboo from my collection in your landscapes. These are intended as a low cost way to start growing your clump. These are well rooted starters, feed and water them and they are guaranteed to grow. I always work with my customers to satisfy.

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