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Can You Plant Bamboo In The Winter In Florida?

Planting bamboo can be a wonderful way to spruce up your yard or landscape, or even your indoor areas. The best part is that the characteristics of bamboo plants make them unique in the plant world, especially when it comes to winter planting.

planting bamboo in winter

Bamboo Growth, Planting & Care During Winter

Unlike many plants, bamboo is an evergreen, which means that it provides green foliage year round. In addition to this, it also continues to grow throughout the winter. However, you may not immediately notice this growth due to the fact that it is the roots that continue to grow and spread through the winter.

Winter Growth

Every year, bamboo plants spend their time in the winter growing and spreading their roots. It is generally between May and September that they begin shooting. Every season, bamboo plants will send up a number of new culms. In their first shooting season, many bamboo plants will send up shoots as high as 8 feet tall. Bamboo is such a fast grower that many plants will reach full maturity within 3-4 years. By planting your bamboo during the winter and allowing the roots to continue growing, you can create the perfect base for seeing an amazing number of shoots in the spring.

Winter Planting

The growth pattern of bamboo is one of the reasons that it is perfectly fine to plant during the winter in Florida. However, if you live in northern parts of Florida where temperatures can occasionally reach freezing, then you should ensure that the bamboo plants you choose are cold hardy. In some cases, you may even decide to keep your bamboo indoors throughout the first winter and then transplant it during the spring, just to make sure that it has grown enough to throw up as many shoots as possible in its first season.

Winter Care

You can successfully grow a 3 gallon starter bamboo to 15 gallon size in 6 months over the course of winter, as long as you provide plenty of water and a steady diet of the appropriate nutrients. Bamboo plants should be irrigated or watered regularly for at least their first year, afterwards you may only need to do so during times of drought or excessive heat. In addition, they tend to thrive best when provided with a slow release, high nitrogen fertilizer.

Finally, it is important that you provide some mulch and allow the fallen leaves to cover the roots and base of the plant. Not only does this provide many essential nutrients for the bamboo, but it also encourages root growth, which is where all of the spring’s new shoots will emerge from.

 growing bamboo in pots


Planting Bamboo During The Winter In Florida

Planting bamboo during the winter in Florida is not only safe, but it can also allow your plant to begin thriving even before its first shooting season has begun.

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photo credit: DSCN3653 via photopin (license)
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