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How To Trim Your Multiplex Bamboo (Bambusa Multiplex)

Bambusa Multiplex, also known as Multiplex, Multiplex Hedge and Hedge Bamboo is one of our most reliable, hardy and vigorous growing bamboo varieties. This highly versatile bamboo plant is absolutely perfect for containers, hedges, green privacy screens and more. However, in order to keep your bamboo looking fantastic year-round, an annual trimming is in order.


Multiplex Bamboo can reach a maximum height of 15 feet, and features delicate half inch culms. These bamboo plants are hardy down to the upper teens and will grow vigorously in partial to full sun. It’s this amazingly fast and reliable growth that creates the need for an annual trimming, especially for those who prefer the more tidy Multiplex appearance.

One of the most appealing aspects of this bamboo variety is the fact that the culms grow so densely that itis completely impenetrable, even by small animals. In addition, annually trimming your bamboo can not only let you keep a well-manicured landscape, but also allow you to express your own artistic style.

Another interesting aspect of Multiplex Bamboo is the fact that when a culm is cut, it never grows any taller and the branches and leaves around it begin to spread out wider. With a clump size that is 4 to 6 feet in diameter, you can create your very own bamboo oasis.

Watch This 2 Minute Video & Learn How To Trim Your Multiplex Bamboo


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