Blue Bamboo Collection

Several Bamboo are referred to as Blue Bamboo. Most Blue Bamboo shoots emerge "blueish", tinted with white powder blooms. It is usually the combination of the white powder on a light greenish blue cane that creates the blue effect. Chungii is one of the most sought after  Blue Bamboo for landscape and ornamental uses, and is referred to as "Tropical Blue". Dendrocalamus Minor 'Amoenus" is quickly gaining popularity as an exquisite "Blue" landscape ornamental and specimen bamboo. This bamboo is quite different from everything else and is a must for any bamboo lover.

Both these Blue bamboo species are fast, handsome, well behaved specimen cultivars, suitable for landscape, ornamental or specimen use.

Blue Bamboo is Cold Hardy to the Low 20's
Blue Bamboo is normally very expensive and is sold retail for up wards of $80 per small plant

We offer both these varieties as fresh root divisions at exceptional values.